About Babs2Go

Babs2Go was born around the same time that Apple brought the iPhone to Brazil, at the end of 2008. Ever since, our focus has been the independent production of Apps and technical enablement of our associates in order to effectively develop mobile applications.

In US we would be called a start-up. The highlight is that due to the low cost of ownership we do not have any angels or external investors. We can proudly state that Babs2Go has started profitable.

Luciano Fagundes (Twitter: @lucianofagundes) is a co-founder, he has been an R&D engineer for about 12 years. Holds a Computer Science degree from the Federal University of Sao Carlos; left University to work with Lucent Technologies; by 2009 he was already part of the well known Bell Laboratories; After the Lucent Spin-off he has remained with Avaya Inc as part of its R&D department, developing Unified Communication and Contact Center Technologies. After moving to São José dos Campos he has taken advantage of the proximity and got engaged to get his Masters degree from Technological Institute of Aeronautics (http://www.ita.br/ingles/ingles.htm), a Master in Business Administration degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and is currently working to get his PhD from National Institute of Space Research (http://www.inpe.br/ingles/index.php). Among the several R&D activities he has also dedicated some time for educating undergraduate students on Artificial Intelligence and Researchers on how to develop mobile technology.

Alessandra Fagundes is another co-founder who has about 12 years on clinical and educational Physical therapy experience. She has been teaching Physical therapy topics to undergraduate students for about 10 year. With a huge technological background, she has designed and maintained the Planeta Fisio website on the early 2000s. Inside Babs2Go she is the main source of information for our medical Apps and she has also specialized herself on digital arts; mainly responsible for our Digital Arts department.

Babs2Go has started as a Hobby and it has become more and more serious every day, without loosing the fun. On late 2008 we bought our first development kit (Macbook + iPhone). The fist App that we developed was iMess, a puzzle game, that can still be downloaded today, for free, on the App Store. It has been the milestone that we consider the Babs2Go first step on the direction of the Mobile market.

Aways following the line of innovation, each new App has been developed to take advantage of a new iPhone feature.

  • iNVADERS - First Contact with Accelerometer
  • i-Dig - Advanced Graphics and management of really large game maps, Multiplayer and Networked Applications, Voice over IP, manipulation of the user's iTunes Library
  • i-Toon -Initial Steps on Augmented reality and manipulation of the live feed from the iPhone camera, in-App Purchases
  • i-Ryodoraku -Experiments with Artificial Intelligence engines running on iPhones, advanced exportation using the e-mail APIs
  • Smart Frame -Social Media integration (Facebook API)
  • SQUID HD -Core Animation, AI and others for building arcade games
  • Several of our Apps have already being ported to iPad. Focused on the International market, more than 50.000 unique Apps have already been downloaded world-wide.

    Babs2Go was born with an ambitious objective. As an independent producer, focused at the world-wide mass market, we can innovate like never before. We capitalize ourselves on your entertainment and we will invest on making your lives smarter and easier. All of this, without you even noticing it. Just like any good technology, we will be always discrete like magic; or even better, the magicians that will make your iPad/iPhone more magical than ever before.