i-Dig: The Recycling Challenge
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"I-Dig : The Recycling Challenge" is an ecological adventure. On this first release, I-Dig uses the full potential of IPhone OS 3 and mixes a fun game with an ecological story. On the single player mode, the game objective is helping out a little worm to collect as much recycle material as possible. By bringing the cargo to the Recycling Center, the user gets Worm$ that can be used to buy upgrades. If a worm were as tall as a human, each game map would allow it to dig about 650 feet under the ground.

The random map generator is capable of generating up to 1000 different maps to make each new campaign unique. As the user goes deeper he/she will find garbage and obstacles. Natural obstacles such as gas pockets will slow the worm down while drag its life away. Snakes are moving around and they may fall on you if you dig under them. Be specially careful about spiders, they can follow you around and keep dragging your life away. Do not forget that your ethanol tank may go out of fuel as you dig in, remember to go back and refill it from time to time.

The multiplayer mode is the greatest part! The same rules of the single player game apply to the multi-player mode. However, on the multiplayer mode you have to deal with a much smarter adversary that will control a second Worm. After the multi-player campaign starts, the users also have the option to start the Voice Chat tool and tease each other while playing.

The game will keep track of both user's scores and it will assume that the highest score is the winner. However, blowing up your opponent will make you feel better in case you got a lower score :-) . Well, help the worm, get curious about your environment and have fun ! -BABs 2Go Team Support Note: Some times, when opening the Voice Chat module, the connection may take very long to complete. One safe way to speed-up this connection is cancelling the connection (press the cancel button) and try again. Keywords: motherload, motherlode, digger, dig, gold, recycling, ecology,adventure, arcade, action.

i-Dig features:

  • Single player mode
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Voice Chat
  • Fun to the entire family