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I-Ryodoraku is an expert system designed to assist the Acupuncture Diagnosis via the Ryodoraku Chart. On this method, the practitioner collects a set of energetic measures on a specialized device and use that raw data to plot an energetic chart of the patient's condition.

Based on the evaluation of the chart, the practitioner has access to possible symptoms and procedures to bring the patient back into his/her normal energetic state. There is also detailed information about the involved acupuncture points, including location description and picture.

i-Ryodoraku provides the following features:

  • Add/Delete Patient Information
  • Add/Delete/Browse Patient's Ryodoraku history
  • Enter Ryodoraku measurements
  • Plot Ryodoraku Chart
  • Indicate possible Symptoms
  • Suggest Acupuncture treatment
  • This software assumes that the practitioner has access to a NOT INCLUDED Ryodoraku device.