Smart Frame
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"Smart Frame" turns your iPhone/iPod into a Digital Picture Frame. It merges the social networks and personal pictures into a single environment. It can hold up to 100 pictures and it also lets you listen to all your iPod songs while displaying your pictures. With Smart Frame 1.0 you can build a Photo List by selecting pictures from your local Photo Album and/or from your Facebook profile. Using iPhone/iPod as a Digital Picture frame brings all the iPhone/iPod capabilities into play.

We have added a Smart Glass on Smart Frame so you can also leave messages just by dragging you finger on the screen. It is fully capable of rotating the pictures to whatever orientation you hold your device making sure that you will be able to enjoy your picture any way you want.


Smart Frame features:

  • Store up to one hundred pictures
  • Listen to your favorite songs while watching your pictures
  • Digital frame
  • Leave messages and notes
  • Facebook integration